JD Buendia, Full Stack Software Engineer

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had the idea of wanting to build something. I grew up playing with Legos, and I always enjoyed the creative aspect to build whatever I wanted with different pieces. Fast forward to now, I am a technical recruiter turned Software Engineer. I knew nothing about tech before but throughout my career as a recruiter, my interest in tech grew as I was learning what type of work and projects successful professionals were doing in the industry.

Somethings I enjoy doing outside of coding are snowboarding with friends, eating food, playing Call of Duty Warzone, and attending music festivals. I am a very big snowboarding fan, so every year I always wait for the season to come, which can sometimes feel like forever! If you look at my projects below, my love for food, especially burgers, explains itself. Feel free to connect with me and download my resume below! I am open to positions in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, but you can also connect with me if you want to just chat about snowboarding, food, and music festivals. I always enjoy those topics!

Email: jd.buendia0711@gmail.com
Phone: (818) 930 0121


Technologies/Skill Set

With tech always changing so rapidly, I am always excited to continue to learn something new. Even though my journey has just begun, my technology toolkit right now includes:

React, Redux, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HTML5, and CSS.

I am a recent graduate from App Academy. My first project was FlavorCheck, a clone of Untappd, which was built with Ruby on Rails in the backend and React/Redux in the front-end. This was a solo project built within a 2 weeks time-frame. My second project was a group project called Slaw, which builds an active-lifestyle community for individuals who do not want to workout and do physical activities alone and connect with others who feel the same. This was built an entirely new stack, the MERN Stack, which we had to all learn within one weekend. I spearheaded most of our daily meetings and implemented the features that required a lot of outside research, such as the AWS S3 incorporation for image upload and hosting, and Socket.io for real-time chat. I also assisted with providing solutions or feedback on how the main CRUD features should be built out. My last project was a game called Over Grilled. This game test your abilities to create as many burgers to match the orders. This game was built solely with Vanilla JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.


Below are three projects that have been developed from the ground up! **Not Mobile Friendly... YET!**

A Full Stack clone of Untappd, where user’s post and share reviews from specific burger joints.


A Health and Fitness Social Media application that allows a user to join/create communities.


A game where a user is given orders and prepares the right burger on the plate.

Over Grilled